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Bija Bhar transforms into Anjali’s Cup

As some of you know, I started this business in 2014 with a delicious but very difficult to scale snack product which I named Bija Bhar—a name that felt appropriate and fun. But the stress of that first year of business caused a bit of a health crisis which had me leaning on my ayurvedic roots for support. Out of personal necessity, I created a turmeric concoction unlike anything on the market —then or now. The difference it made was dramatic enough to inspire my first major business pivot. Resilience® Turmeric Elixir was an instant hit with family, friends, and customers. In 2017 I  went all-in on this magical elixir—but with a company name originally intended for a snack product, I’ve been in a brand limbo ever since. 

So why didn’t I go with the name “Resilience”? As much as that word perfectly describes what my Resilience® Turmeric Elixir offers, I had to consider the promise of future products and the brand as a whole. At the end of the day, it is my name that captures that vision best. 

From a young age, I took my name as a kind of guidance for this life’s journey. 

Anjali means divine offering, offering to god or quite literally ‘hands together in a gesture of offering, worship, respect or salutation’. As well, one of the essential spiritual teachings I have been given is to see the divine in everyone, and, pun intended, these two things have always gone hand-in-hand. 

As I approached my rebrand, I realized I wanted to convey that my products, the gift of my literal and figurative roots, are my heart’s offering. 

There were many challenges over the past year; I watched great businesses closing all around me, I looked closely at the data and was tempted to cut my losses and give up, but my mind is willful and my heart resolute. This is my purpose and I have faith this rebrand will broaden the reach of these offerings, bringing empowerment and happiness to all who adopt my products into their life. With this clarity and the rock solid belief in the value of my products, I was propelled forward and now here we are, on this wonderful day. 

My cup is full. 

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