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Sustainably Sourced. Blended with Reverence. Offered with Love.

Anjali’s Cup is my offering to help nourish your roots, so that you can feel good today, tomorrow and every day.

- Anjali

Sustainably Sourced. Blended with Reverence. Offered with Love.

Our new golden milk mix, inspired by Anjali's mother Usha, is a new take on a traditional recipe with deep roots.

A pleasure today and an investment in tomorrow.

Nourish your potential and empower yourself with ease.

Our Ayurvedically balanced drink mixes and spice blends are sustainably sourced and deliciously versatile, making them easy to incorporate into your daily routine. They provide you with turmeric’s cumulative health and wellness benefits that last well beyond the cup. This is the Gift of Good Roots.

From Anjali's Cup to yours, we are delighted to introduce…

Ma’s Haldi Doodh Masala

This golden milk mix honors the millennia-old, go-to remedy of Indian moms and was inspired by Anjali’s mother, Usha...

Hearing from you fills us up! Thanks for all the love.

LOVE!! I have a cup every single day. It has been a highlight to my day as the taste is amazing and the color makes me smile. It also helps my frequent headaches with it’s anti-inflammatory properties.

Panty M.

The highest level of taste and quality. Drinking a golden milk latte made with the Turmeric Elixir is like being cuddled in the warmest of hugs.

Madeleine C.

Anjali's Chai Masala is my go to product to make a perfect chai at home. The blend of seasonings has been formulated to delight the palate. It surpasses anything else for making chai that is out there. I am thrilled with it.

Merry B.

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Questions and Answers

  • What makes Anjali's Cup's turmeric different or better than the many turmeric products available right now?

    Our turmeric and ginger are grown in nutrient dense soil on an organic farm. It’s dried and sliced in small batches and ground fresh at low heat. By never boiling our roots, (which is common practice in processing), we retain fresh taste, vital potency, and our small batch grind turns out a super smooth powder that is silky and so delicious! For the full FAQ, read here.

  • Are your products organic?

    Our Resilience® Turmeric Elixir is made with 100% certified organic ingredients. Anjali’s Chai Masala is made with certified organic turmeric and other organically grown spices sourced from small farms by Burlap and Barrel. All of our ingredients are minimally processed with zero additives or chemicals and non-irradiated. Organic certification is an expensive and rigorous process that we hope our small company will be able to pursue in the future. We can’t put it on our label just yet, but be assured our products are all made with organic ingredients. For the full FAQ, read here.

  • Is your Kitchen Nut-Free/Gluten-Free/Dairy Free?

    My products are produced with fully sanitized equipment in isolation from any potential cross-contamination. But there are allergens processed in the larger facility we work with. Please contact us before purchasing if you have specific questions or concerns. For the full FAQ, read here.