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Anjali's Story


Inspired by the culture and rituals of her family’s native India, Anjali Bhargava (whose name means “divine offering” in Sanskrit) founded Anjali’s Cup in 2014 (formerly Bija Bhar) as her own offering of “good roots,” with the hope of making turmeric part of consumers’ daily habits through authentic, Ayurvedically balanced drink mixes and spice blends. Passionate about introducing consumers to India’s authentic flavors and rituals and relentless in her pursuit of balance, health and wellness, the brand is Anjali’s love letter to her ancestors, crafted with reverence and gratitude.

Anjali’s reverence for turmeric began in childhood, watching her mother use the golden root to treat everything from colds and upset stomachs to sore muscles, and for helping manage Anjali’s struggles with an autoimmune issue that began when she was just eight years old. At 37, when her migraines became debilitating, Anjali again turned to turmeric for support. She developed her own recipe, combining turmeric’s trusted benefits with a delicious taste and the convenience of a powder. When her migraines disappeared for good within two months, Anjali knew she had created something special – and Anjali’s Cup’s Resilience® Turmeric Elixir, the brand’s signature premium blend, was born.

Years later, Anjali set out to produce a chai masala that would reflect the flavors and traditions of her beloved subcontinent. Championing authentic representation continues to be a driving force of Anjali’s business, which has grown in the past nine years to include two turmeric elixirs, two chai masala blends and a golden milk mix, which include collaborations with Burlap & Barrel. Now 46, Anjali remains grounded in her commitment to sharing her good roots so that others may nourish theirs.

Decades in the making, Anjali’s products are as much her offering as they are her mother’s, from whom she learned how to cook and nourish herself with Indian ingredients and rituals. A super-taster from birth, Anjali learned to trust her palate at a young age. That is why when it comes to quality, taste and function, Anjali makes no compromises. Anjali’s Cup’s Ayurvedically balanced drink mixes and spice blends are sustainably sourced and deliciously versatile, making them easy to incorporate into a daily routine.

At the heart of Anjali’s Cup is a mission to make it as easy, safe and delicious as possible for as many people as possible to incorporate the powerful benefits of my beloved golden root into their daily lives. Consumed in small quantities on a regular basis, turmeric is effective at reducing inflammation and so much more, helping build happier bodies and clearer minds. Anjali’s Cup is my gift to help everyone nourish their roots, so that they can feel good today, tomorrow and every day. I hope that in each cup they prepare for themselves, people delight in a ritual that uplifts their body, mind and spirit.

– Anjali Bhargava, Founder