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Anjali’s Chai Masala with Extra Ginger

$ 16.00

Anjali’s Chai Masala with Extra Ginger

Energize your favorite cup of black tea with this zingy chai masala infused with extra ginger, made for those who want to add some pep to your step and wake-me-up to your cup. This taste sensation marries our house made turmeric blend, fennel seeds and black pepper to the classics: ginger, cardamon, cloves and cinnamon. A vibrant symphony of flavors Anjali spent decades perfecting; made to awaken the senses and comfort the soul.

  • This spice blend is caffeine & sugar free.
  • 2 oz size seasons up to 75 cups of chai 
  • 6 oz size seasons up  to 225 cups of chai
  • 100% organically grown ingredients
  • Featuring an extra bump of organic ginger
  • Made using Burlap & Barrel’s fresh, single origin, equitably sourced and organically grown spices and our house ground turmeric powder. 
  • Anjali’s Chai Masala with Extra Ginger contains the potency of turmeric in smaller quantities (~60 mg per serving), helping you reap the cumulative benefits of turmeric with daily use. To experience the short term benefits of turmeric, consider our Resilience Turmeric Elixir or Ma’s Haldi Doodh Masala

  • Suggested Use: Brew ¼ teaspoon (or more to taste) with a strong black tea, add a dash of your preferred milk and sweetener of choice. Serve hot or cold. Sip slowly, enjoy fully. Perfect for easing into your day or adding a little extra sparkle to the afternoon. 

    Other Uses: Brew with tea or add to any drink. This is our go to with some strong black Assam tea. We love it in protein shakes, matcha, mulled cider and cocoa. Also great in cookies, cakes, muffins, frostings, cranberry sauce and so much more. Enjoy the burst of flavor it will add to any sweet recipe that calls for ginger.

    If you want a smoother masala with a little less bite, try our original Anjali’s Chai Masala with Turmeric & Saffron.

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    Anjali’s Chai Masala with Extra Ginger

    $ 16.00