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About Anjali's Favorite Green Juice Recipe




From our newsletter:


Bija Bhar was born through my ongoing personal quest for better health, happiness, and balance. More specifically, it followed my discovery of the benefits of juicing. While sharing my favorite juice concoctions with dozens of friends and family, I started getting questions added to my own about the foods that best integrated with juicing, that would also work with their busy lives.
Nutrient rich seeds were a quick answer but making seeds easy to integrate was more difficult. Other than using them in smoothies, I used them infrequently. So one weekend, in need of a snack and craving chocolate, I pulled a bunch of bags out of the cupboard and made the very first batch of decadent energy nuggets. Within 1 month I had 4 flavors of bars that focused on different nutritional needs and life got much busier as I prepared to launch Bija Bhar.

When I was juicing daily, I ended up with 5 or 6 go-to recipes, but the one I crave, the one I wish I could have fresh, first thing every morning, is my green juice. It not only tastes amazing, thanks to the key ingredients smiling at you above, it seems to wake up every cell of my body in a way that makes coffee green with envy!
Most recipes are for one serving, and while fresh is always ideal, small compromises often yield the happiest results. Time to juice has become rare pleasure. So when I can, I make a big batch that makes best use of produce and freeze individual servings I can enjoy later.


I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do!




Download it for free here.

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