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Discover Your Nutritional Style - Get 20% off and preorder for a chance to win a Vitamix, Bija Bhar Decadent Energy nuggets and more!

Bija Bhar is proud to be a partner in the launch of health expert Holli Thompson's new book: Discover Your Nutritional Style.The real key to unlocking optimal health is learning how to eat and select foods that work for your body. DYNS is all about guiding you through finding yours—and then rocking it through the seasons.

Here are some of Holli's ways to discover your unique Nutritional Style®:

1) Define your style

Your Nutritional Style is your way of eating that nourishes and satisfies you completely. It's not your sister's style or your favorite celebrity’s, it's all yours. Want to know your style? Take the quiz and find out if you're a modern vegan, a healthy omnivore, or one of Holli's other realistic and flexible styles.

2) Style your own rules

Discovering your nutritional style is about taking charge; of your mood, body, and long-term health. Be open to experimenting and making changes when you need to. This is HUGE, don’t stick to something that isn’t working for you. It's your choice and this book is empowering, to say the least.

3) Cleanse

One great way to live your Nutritional Style® is to reset occasionally with a healthy cleanse. It's a great way to get off of inflammatory foods for good, and the perfect way to embody your new Nutritional Style. Holli's cleanse protocol demystifies cleansing and makes it very approachable.

4) Respect

Learning to recognize signs of imbalance is challenging but essential. Imbalances within your body often appear as the result of sensitivity to one or more of the inflammatory food groups (dairy, gluten, sugar and more).

At it’s core, discovering your Nutritional Style® is about listening to and respecting what your body is telling you. Food is powerful, and empowering yourself to make changes when something’s not working for you is what Discover Your Nutritional Style delivers.

Pre-order DYNS  before September 14th and you will be entered to win one of a host of prizes from Holli's favorite brands (including Bija Bhar and other healthy snacks on 9/4 and Vitamix on 9/14 ). 

Use code BIJA at checkout for 20% off!

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