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A healthy fruit juice for the season and all its festivities!

Cranberry Apple Ginger Juice

While most serious juicers will tell you to focus on vegetables, there are some fruits, like cranberries, that PACk an undeniable nutritional punch and should be made the most of while they are freshest. For cranberries, that time is right now, in the late fall.

Cranberries are most famous for their support of urinary tract health but the benefits to oral, digestive tract, and cardiovascular health make them well worth the effort of incorporating in raw form.

Those flavanoids come with intense flavor so, as with leafy greens, they are best enjoyed blended with other flavors.

Cranberry Apple Ginger Juice

Yield: 12-16 oz

Cranberries - 1.5 cups

Apples - 3-4 medium sized McIntosh

Ginger - 1 inch chunk of ginger

Process ingredients through your juicer. Any variety of apple will work but crisper apples tend to juice better. If your juice is too pulpy, put it through a strainer before serving. Put the pulp through your juicer again or incorporate it in your cranberry sauce.

Sip fresh on Thanksgiving morning, mix with sparkling water for a toast, use it as a mixer later in the day for a memorable bourbon or rum cocktail! 








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